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Brambleton is an RPG set in the 19th century. The date is 1815 in Brambleton, a countryside village amidst the larger rural area of Northbrambletonshire, England. The Regency era has just come to full bloom; empire-waist skirts, gentlemen in cravets, and families riding about in phaetons. Brambleton is a gem amongst the villages in England, for it is home to rolling hills and charming vistas, forests brimming with bluebells in spring, and farms blanketed by heavy snow in winter. Many of the gentry find the area positively charming and spend their summers, and sometimes years, amongst the many estates that dot the pristine landscape. This does not mean that Brambleton is without its fair share of townsfolk; bourgeois families lured to the bustling little city due to its prime location atop a large river. The lower class is a rowdy one, cheerful and full of life, they add the energy to the city that in turn builds charm about the area. Yes, Brambleton is a Regency paradise.(Please familiarize yourself with the information below )

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1. This is an RPG first and foremost, and generic RPG rules apply:

A. Stay in character unless you specify otherwise. "OOC", meaning "out of character" is a good abbreviation to put before lapsing into your regular self.

B. Please take this seriously if you intend to join. It really isn't fun if someone whips out a semi-automatic and sprays a ballroom full of waltzing gentry. If you intend on doing something like that on purpose, you will not be in allowed into the community for very long. This rule, in no way, bars period-appropriate humor.

C. Do not try and control other players unless you have consent to do it beforehand. Enough said. We leave this up to each player's discretion. If you feel as though someone is trying to control your character in some way, please talk to them. If it persists, contact the mods.

D. Get into character as much as possible. We find it amazingly awesome and fun if someone truly knows their facts. If you wish to study more about this time period, here are a couple links:
La Couturiere Parisienne (A great clothing source)
The Regency Fashion Page (Fashion Plates)
Jessamyn's Regency Costume Companion (More costume stuff)
Noble Titles (For those characters of the gentry)
The Costumer's Manifesto (yet more costume information)
Regency Name Generator(To find the perfect Regency name, naturally...)
The Proceedings at the Old Bailey(Legal proceedings from 1674-1834)
How Much is that worth today?(Ye Olde Currency Converter
Regency(A huge compendium of links to lots of information on the era. Thanks Eve!)
The Georgian Index(Very similar to the above link. A great collection of useful links! Thanks Chelsy!)
Regency Library(Enough said! Thanks Dan'a)
Relative Value of Sums of Money (Labor wages during the 18 century! Thanks to Dan'a!)
Regency Manor (A fab collection of Information, connected to an RPG as well. Thanks to Dan'a yet again!)
Wikipedia(Most everything you ever needed to know about anything)

E. Respect all players! Kay, thanks!

2. You must make a personal Journal to use specifically for this community.

Please do this before you apply, for easy initiation purposes. It is most suitable if the journal name connects to the character in some way (preferably his or her name for ease of play).

3. The tentative age limit for participation is 17 years of age.

Ultimately, we will decide if you are mature enough to join the community. If you are younger that 17, and wish to argue your cause, please do! Inversely, if you are 45 and we don't find you mature enough to play this game than we have the right to decline you entrance. Don't worry though; if you have a compromising grasp on grammar, sentence structure, and punctuation, chances are you will get in.

4. Please be open-minded and accepting to all players!!!

A. This community is open-minded about sexuality (heterosexuality, homosexuality, bisexuality, lalala etc). Hopefully we won't have to bring up bestiality, pedophilism, etc. But anyway, there is no rating-limit-type-thing on this community. But:

B. This goes the other way as well. For those of our players that may be a little more modest, please alert the reader in a conversation or post if you are planning on detailing something graphic. That way no one has to be subjected to anything that may scar them for life. :O

C.Also, though it is allowed, homosexuality and bisexuality were not appropriately recieved in polite society, so please understand that certain steps must be taken in maintaining those relationships to stay within period-apropriatness.

5. Please try to stay up to date in this community.

Every month or so you should update at the least. Updating every day would be fantastic!!!, but we realize that most people have hectic lives or just don't wish to spend so much time on the computer. Simply keep up to date; finish your conversations, warn in advance if you shall be gone for a specific amount of time, etc. After 1 month of unresponsiveness a character/player will go on probation. Another month afterward without any word of the player, and your character will be dumped.

Steps you should take to join this community

1. Think up a character! (please try to make them realistic! I mean, allow them flaws, construct them like real people. (It's not exciting if a character is so perfect it makes everyone want to weep...) Oh, and make sure someone hasn't already chosen your PB

2. Make a Journal for your Character (Something appropriate and singled out just to be used in this community, please!)

3. Fill out the application (Found HERE, and post it as a comment on that same page. This application should be in 3rd person(as though a biography). Example applications are HERE

4. Wait pateintly to get accepted

5. Request to join the brambleton community, the brambleton_ooc community and the brambleton_post community. These are the actual community, the ooc community and the community for mail, respectively. (You will get accepted soon)

6. Add everyone in the community as your friends. Don't worry, they will add you back eventually. This is so you can view everything that is going on in Brambleton on your character's friend's page. To add all the friends at once, use this Nifty little thing, and you've got everyone in one shot! Much easier than adding them all in manually...

7. Start Playing!

Uses of Each community:

brambleton Is the actual community where you can socialize and actually RPG with people. Third person is used in this respect.

brambleton_ooc Is the community used when speaking out of character: (ie: asking questions, mod announcements, etc).

brambleton_post Is where you can post letters invitations, threats, duel challenges, whatever, to any of the characters. Players will comment to letter posts with their reply letters! Fancy, no?

Your Own Journal Will be considered your "Written Journal" Where you write about your experiences in brambleton, or any other happenings in your character's life.

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